Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to this studio-discotheque with selectors Sharp & Sticky Fingers. Sit back and relax your mind while we express the way we feel this evening. We hope that the musical vibrations leave an everlasting experience. When you leave this evening, go out and spread the word to your friends. So get your funky tambourines together and let’s party!

Rubadub, uw step-in-stone! Dub is de rode draad die ontstaat door de uiteenlopende genres in dit programma samen te vlechten.


"From its birth in Kingston, Jamaica, through to its worldwide influence today on contemporary electronic music. Featuring an array of both cutting edge artists and legendary Jamaican producers, this radioprogramme is an essential guide  to the musical revolution that is dub. Feel the bass! " (vrij naar  "Dub Echoes" by Bruno Natal)


Een uiteenlopende mix, met of zonder soul en van minimal tot maximal. Dus vergrendel je radiotoestel en luister naar, dat is het beste voor iedereen!



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    Rubadub playlist van 15 Oktober 2013 00:00 u

    1Prince Far IThe Right way
    2Richie Phoe ft Tippa Irieeye on the dub
    3Pusha T & Chris brownSweet Serenade
    4Paul St Hilairelove jah now
    5valentin stipangst
    6rone tasty city
    7motsauntitled (lupo rmx)
    8duskymr man
    9gold pandacommunity
    11van bonnbaumgartner (Marko furstenberg rmx)
    12om unit & sam bingagamma
    13if i had a hifirotation dub


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